At Business for Development we believe one of the key drivers to solving extreme poverty is through inclusive economic growth, working in partnership with business.

As a leading NGO that works with the private sector, we have developed numerous inclusive business partnerships – in countries like Papua New Guinea, Kenya and Laos – using a model which enables us to harness the power of the markets and connect smallholder farmers to commercial opportunities. Inclusion is about opportunity. And through including farmers and their families in the value chain they are given the tools, choice and ability to break the cycle of poverty.

As inclusive business thought leaders we also seek to inspire, inform and empower business, NGO’s, donors and governments to work together on entrenched, complex development problems with ground breaking strategies.


One-third of the world’s 7.3 billion people are smallholder farmers. These people are some of the poorest on earth. About 90 per cent of farmers lack strong, consistent relationships with buyers, and access to finance, inputs, agronomic training and other support. Finding solutions for these farmers means finding solutions that engage one-third of humanity in addressing food security, climate stability, biodiversity conservation and rural employment.

By leveraging business operations, acumen and innovation and applying the lens to development problems we are looking to create a new ways to create inclusive, sustainable change for some of the poorest people on earth.

At the same time, for those businesses that buy from smallholder farmers, or have inputs into their production, we are assisting them to understand their own value chain and how they can have a positive impact while deriving positive commercial outcomes.

It’s time to rethink poverty
It’s also time for business to do business differently


Transforming ideas into results requires specialists. We bring together experts from corporate, development and government sector to implement ground-breaking strategies and programs.

Business for Development works with a leading board who bring cutting-edge advice on the market and operations.


Our team works with some of the leading partners in the world to create lasting change. Here’s a list of partners past & present: