Business for Development is proud to announce that they are one of the winners of the World Economic Forum (WEF), the World Bank Group, and the International Development Research Centre’s (IDRC) New Vision for Development award.

These institutions have recognised that economies and businesses will need to be transformed if they are to ensure sustained improvements in living standards for all the world’s citizens. To build momentum and gain greater knowledge, the New Vision for Development award was designed to collect case studies of policies, business practices and partnerships that promote inclusive growth and sustainable development.

Business for Development’s Long-Term INclusive Commercial (LINC) enterprise model was one of the winners, and the Kwale Project was highlighted as a case study of this model.

Winners were chosen because they had the following attributes:

  • Novel, innovative, or future-oriented
  • Expected to have, or have had, system-wide impact on both business and society
  • Win-win: promote both productivity and inclusiveness/development
  • Scalable and potentially replicable in other countries
  • Benefitting from a strong multi-stakeholder component

The case studies will be featured on the Inclusive Growth and Development Platform in 2018. This platform highlights champion solutions that can be adopted by the private sector, local governments, the donor community and civil society, and seeks to scale-up success stories and prevent common pitfalls by joining resources and forces of the private and public sector, to accelerate progress and to unite all actors towards a common direction.

We are delighted to see our LINC model recognised as one of the winners – through sharing our key learnings we can have a wider impact. For more information on the New Vision for Development initiative go to