Highlands Pork Company

Commissioned by Oil Search Ltd, we are trialling a local piggery enterprise in PNG that will enable root crops to be utilised for pig feed, outgrowers to breed pigs, and a commercial partnership to supply pork-meat to local markets. Designed to engage existing farmers in the highlands of PNG, the aim of the project is to increase incomes to $1,500 per annum for farmers currently living in extreme poverty.

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Exhibiting some of the highest rates of extreme poverty anywhere in the world, rural communities in PNG find it difficult to progress beyond subsistence living. However, common too many families living in these communities is the prevalence of pig ownership. The creation of market supply opportunities will create income streams not previously accessed by these farming families in the highlands. Business for Development has deployed industry experts who have designed a unique localised feed formulation that utilises root crops such as sweet potato and cassava, commonly grown in PNG. The experts have also designed outgrower sheds and a breeding regime to enable poor farmers to successfully become pig farmers. The Highlands Pork Company has been formed to create a vibrant smallholder piggery producer group in PNG. By 2020 the project aims to have 500 smallholder farmers in its value chain. The initiative has been made possible by Oil Search Ltd as it works to create a sustainable future for communities in extreme poverty across PNG.


Business for Development has developed a pilot farm at 17 Mile near Port Moresby employing 20 staff. The pilot has successfully prototyped the milling of high quality feed from local crops, and training outgrower farmers in animal husbandry. The first batch of pigs have been raised and sold successfully. We are now working to take the business model to the highlands of PNG and partner with a commercial processor.

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