Location:Halmahera Island - Indonesia
Impact:1,000 farmers 2022
Crop:Cassava, Nutmeg & Stevia
Stage:Partner Engagement


Mineral resources are finite, so closure of any mining operation is inevitable. Mine closure can have a significant impact on a local community’s economy, as it frequently causes depreciation in market activity. As a responsible business, Newcrest wish to begin early building a network of independent businesses in order to support the prosperity in the region over the long-term. The company is committed to seeing the local community secure prosperity and an exit from poverty that works now and into the future.


The mine already provides support to 120 households to grow cassava, and these families secure good yields and incomes. Newcrest is committed to impacting more households by shifting their cassava work from “one off” project to a business which operates independently of the mine.

After visiting the region and developing a market strategy, Business for Development designed a program to double the income of the community via improving cassava production and also utilising nutmeg and stevia as part of the crop rotation.


Business for Development’s design and partnership building will ensure that the training and support Newcrest has already provided to farmers is consolidated into businesses which are sustainable after closure. The project is positioned to double the income of 2,000 farmers.