Location:Morobe Province - PNG
Impact:1,500 farmers 2020
Crop:Dried Fruit, Vegetables & Cocoa
Stage:Partner Engagement
Partners:Morobe Mining Joint Venture (Harmony Gold Mining and Newcrest Mining)


The Wafi Golpu deposit is one of the largest copper and gold deposits in the world, and will have a life of several decades.  However, the use of automation at the mine limits opportunities for local employment. To build community engagement and ensure economic empowerment of the region, the Wafi Golpu Joint Venture (WGJV) engaged Business for Development to provide a comprehensive strategy across a range of industries which works with market partners to ensure high value livelihood opportunities for the thousands of families in the immediate mine region.


Business for Development talked to the farmers, both the men and women, to understand both their aspirations for their farms, but also what they had already tried.  The team gathered soil samples as well as rainfall and climate data.  Our analysis didn’t stop at the farm gate but saw the team meet with buyers of everything from cassava to rice and dried fruits.


This gave us the insights we need to recommend investments to WGJV that were not only driven by market needs but technical and cultural considerations.  Our plan provides WGJV with a tightly articulated strategy to create work for over 1,500 households that is comparable in value to working at the mine.