Kwale Cotton

The Cotton On Group in partnership with Business for Development and Base Titanium have undertaken a pilot program to grow its own cotton sourced directly from farmers in Kenya. Working with 200 farming families at present, our aim is to increase incomes to $1500 per annum from current subsistence farming.

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With 46 per cent of the country’s population living below the poverty line, the initiative aims to empower farmers with the resources needed to build a sustainable income whilst supporting long term change and development in the country more broadly. Working directly with local farmers, the project has supported the management of crops, provided education on best practice and equipped farmers to successfully grow cotton.  As a result, the Cotton On Group will have the opportunity to procure ethically produced cotton on a scalable basis. And most importantly, local farmers have a solution to extreme poverty which can impact thousands of farming families in the South of Kenya.

The initiative has been made possible by Base Titanium as it works to create a sustainable future for farmers in close proximity to its mining operations.

Project partners include Syngenta, DEG, WWF, Kinondo Community Bank, Kenya Agricultural & Livestock Organization, Kwale County, COMPACI and the Kenyan Fibre Crops Directorate.


Already the program is yielding strong results with the first cotton crop successfully harvested. Opportunities to expand the initiative further are currently being explored, allowing more farmers to become involved. A LINC is under formation to connect local cotton farmers to international buyers of cotton, starting with the Cotton On Group.



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Read what the Cotton On Group and Base Titanium say about the project.

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