Trukai, a subsidiary of SunRice is the leading rice importer in PNG importing its rice from Australia and other countries in the region. However, the company has announced it will develop rice growing opportunities in PNG beginning in Central Province and then expanding throughout the country. The company aims to support smallholder farmers with technical assistance and agronomy support to achieve commercial yields. The company will also support smallholder farmers to participate in the program through the use of portable solar rice mills to enable milling located close to the point of harvest.


Business for Development’s initial engagement with Trukai has resulted in the formation of a partnership with a leading foundation in PNG to develop a smallholder rice program over 5,000 hectares. We will also broker additional relationships with other partners in PNG as the company targets the expansion of domestic rice production.

Read what Trukai Industries says about the PNG market.

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Photo courtesy of the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research.