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Business for Development is working closely with Syngenta in South East Asia to help the company achieve its goal of increasing the productivity of 20 million smallholder farmers by 50% by 2020 as part of the company’s Good Growth Plan.

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According to the World Bank 75% of the world’s extreme poor live in rural areas and depend on agriculture as their primary source of income. In Asia alone there are 361M smallholder farmers living close to the point of subsistence [1]. However, studies show that investments in agriculture is up to four times more effective in reducing poverty than growth in other sectors [2].

Through its Good Growth Plan, Syngenta, one of the world’s leading agricultural input companies has made a commitment to deliver on six global sustainability targets that will positively impact smallholder farmers.

As part of its commitment to advance smallholder productivity and improving livelihoods, Syngenta has engaged Business for Development as a lead implementation partner. Through this innovative partnership we will work together with Syngenta on opportunities to improve access to markets for smallholder farmers as well as advancing training opportunities.


Business for Development has been engaged by Syngenta as a trusted NGO partner in Southeast Asia. We have brokered the introduction of a new stewardship protocol for smallholder farmers across Asia under this arrangement. We have also participated alongside Syngenta to provide thought leadership on solving extreme poverty amongst smallholder farmers with industry leaders, government and media. And we have undertaken preliminary work to connect Syngenta with food and agriculture companies to form partnerships that lift farmer incomes.




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20 m

smallholder farmers

20 m

farm workers in developing world trained


increase in productivity



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[2] IFAD