Business for Development supports agribusiness along the entire process of inclusive business development with smallholder farmers: product identification, market research, off-take modelling, partnership brokerage, implementation support and results measurement.  Specialised brokers, like Business for Development, are critical to link the world of diverse and dispersed farmers with large buyers.

Buyers want a supply base where large volumes, standardised procedures, minimal management requirements and secure sources of supply combine to minimise the cost of raw materials. Farmers need reasonable returns and a variety of inputs, such as training, seeds and capital. Farmer aggregation and coordination provided by specialised brokers, enable wealth creating trade to reach poor and remote communities.

Our experiences with business and farmers led us to develop a unique model to streamline the establishment of mutually beneficial inclusive business. After going through the steps of scoping an opportunity and building commercial partnerships, a Long-term Inclusive Commercial Enterprise (LINC™) is formed to mediate the interests of smallholder farmers and business.

A LINC™ is an independently financially sustainable social business established to create opportunities for farmers and meet the needs of buyers. As the LINC supports farmer productivity and sells product to buyers, profit is held in trust for the exclusive purpose of community benefit. Farmers are 100% beneficiary owners of the LINC model while the buyer and investors are part of the governance structure.

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Inclusive business – combining business strategy with development objectives – is complex. As thought leaders we share our learnings so that understanding and knowledge capital is built which leads to new approaches to tackle poverty.