A Local Team for Local Impact

At Business for Development, we have always believed our programs are stronger if they are implemented by those who call the community they are working in home. They know the people and culture and have a stronger affinity for what works on the ground.

We are very pleased to welcome three new team members:


Chiedza Sibanda. Agronomy and Field Operations Manager. ChiChie is originally from Zimbabwe and has worked in South Africa for several years. She is leading our newest Pilot, the Mpumalanga Wheat Pilot.  With more than a decade’s experience in the agriculture industry, Chiedza has held a variety of positions including Research Officer for Finealt Engineering, Plant scientist for Manstrat, Project Analyst/Agronomist, and Global Gap Consultant for Made with Rural.

Elias Kimaru. Implementation Manager.  Elias is from Kwale, Kenya, and has worked as a Natural Resource Management professional for over 20 years. Elias has expertise in protecting and improving environmental assets such as soils, water, vegetation, biodiversity, and wildlife habitats. He excels at participative approaches to mobilise communities for the management of wildlife, forestry, and tourism. Elias will be working with the Kenyan team on the Kwale Agribusiness Program.

Lester Bogom. Field Operations Manager. Lester has been working across Papua New Guinea in a variety of agriculture roles. He started as an Assistant Instructure in rice production for the Organization for Industrial, Spiritual and Cultural Advancement, and then worked as a Supervisor at Farm Alstonia in animal husbandry (poultry and pigs), and vegetable production. In 2013, Lester joined Hilans Pik Ltd, as an Assistant Manager, a continued his focus on pig production and the development of local feed. Lester will be supporting the team in the Community Enterprise Program.

Each new team member is a welcomed addition to the Business for Development family. Our sustainable programs are driven by their skills and passion for agriculture.


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