Samanta Simms

Program Manager

Samanta brings almost two decades of experience in functional service delivery on specialised projects, business improvement and process development. In addition to being a key strategic member of the B4D team, she is passionate about being at the forefront of change and promoting a culture of collaboration. As well as working for B4D as both a Program Manager and Operations Manager, she has experience in international business in the power, mining, oil and gas sectors.

​Samanta is known for her strong work ethic, creative problem-solving skills, and ability to mitigate risks. She thrives in an environment that encourages improvement, supports ‘best practice’ initiatives and is focused on delivering results.

​How does Samanta want to make a difference? “I want to assist the team in developing communities in which each individual has the opportunity to work in decent, productive jobs and contribute to a sustainable global economy, ultimately helping to eradicate poverty.”

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