Hela Community Piggery Enterprise


Papua New Guinea


Products: Pigs and Stockfeed

Program Phase: Implement

Program Partners: Santos Ltd, Kumul Petroleum Holdings, Wonderland Agristock Limited created by the following Landowner Companies: Trans Wonderland Ltd, Gigira Development Corporation, Mananda Umbrella Joint Venture and PNG Mining, Petroleum Hospitality Services and Hides Gas Development Company Ltd.


While more than 80% of PNG’s population are engaged in subsistence agriculture, widespread malnutrition is stubbornly widespread. Traditional diets include sweet potato, cassava, taro, and sago – foods high in starch but low in protein.

​Some of the best access to protein is via livestock, especially pigs. Despite the country being well suited to raising livestock, production has been in decline due to poor management and low support of the industry. The cost of stockfeed is another major barrier to production and an integrated farm management approach is required to produce local feed.

​The program has been established in Hela Province, a remote region with high levels of poverty and, over the past decade, increasing levels of tribal violence.

​The program partners, local landowner companies, and Santos share a vision to create a transformative piggery investment, delivering both commercial and community outcomes in the Highlands. To achieve this vision, the partners are committed to building a Hela Community Piggery Enterprise (HCPE) with investment support.


The HCPE will use a proven feed formulation, developed by Business for Development over a number of years, at the PNG model farm funded by Oil Search. The feed, composed of 100% local produce by commercialising sweet potato and cassava production, creates economic opportunities for the piggery, community outgrowers, and feed production.

The first HCPE will be established in the Hela Province. Designed with community outcomes as a focal point, the program will be supported by improved livestock genetics, proven agronomic techniques, and scientifically backed fermentation for superior livestock nutrition.

​Once complete, the HCPE will support:

  • A piggery for up to 200 sows and an outgrower training facility farm to raise pigs to six weeks of age;
  • Training for villagers in pig feeding, housing, and health management;
  • Good agronomic practice to grow sweet potato (kau kau) and other crops that can be fed to pigs;
  • Infrastructure to support the preparation of sweet potato silage for this site and to supplement sweet potato supply from stockfeed farmers to the 180 outgrowers who will grow the pigs to sale age at around 24 weeks;
  • Technical services to support outgrowers;
  • An abattoir to process carcasses and box-ready retail cuts; and
  • Developing local, regional, and national markets, through butcher shops, supermarkets, and food services, with possible expansion to export development.


As a result of the HCPE, there is potential to improve protein supply and food security, expand enterprise opportunities for communities, aid in the reduction of law and order issues and provide a sustainable model for agricultural development.

​With funding support, the HCPE will progress to create a new market and brand – ‘from feed to fork, 100% Highland village pork’.

Contact us to learn how your business can support Business for Development’s HCPE in Hela Province, PNG.

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