Elias Kimaru

Implementation Manager, Project PEPSI

A Natural Resource Management professional with over 20 years of experience. Elias has expertise in protecting and improving environmental assets such as soils, water, vegetation, biodiversity, and wildlife habitats. He excels at participative approaches to mobilise communities for the management of wildlife, forestry, and tourism.

In addition to holding a number of strategic leadership positions, Elias brings to the table deep experience in developing and implementing programs, creating partnerships, formulating policy and plans, advocacy, and developing small-to-large economic development programs that have long-term sustainable impact.

Elias designed and successfully executed a number of projects on sustainable natural resources management, community wellbeing improvement, policy development, and climate change mitigation within the coastal region and beyond. Has experience interacting with multiple donors such as the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Global Environmental Facility (GEF), UNDP, The Ford Foundation, Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund, WWF-Network among others.

How does Elias want to make a difference? “Using my depth of knowledge and experience, I would like to offer my services in order to support a country’s national development plans and programmatic initiatives including food security, manufacturing, agricultural development, and poverty reduction.”

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