Isidor Tisok

Field Operations Manager

Isidor is an expert in organic, integrated, and related farm management. He provides strategic guidance to farmers in order to develop frameworks for improving the feasibility of small-sized farming operations through integrated livestock and crop production.

​Isidor began his career as technical staff at Farm Alstonia, Port Moresby, where he later started working with Business for Development to develop a locally-sourced pig feed that could be used in the PNG Highlands region. Isidor worked on breeding and perfecting the diet, monitoring pig growth and health, and ensuring the pigs met market specifications. In 2017, Isidor joined Mainland Holdings Limited (Niugini Tablebirds) poultry farm, developing his husbandry knowledge as a poultry supervisor and hatchery manager.

​How does Isidor want to make a difference? “While working for B4D my ambition is to impart my knowledge and skills for the Community Piggery Enterprise and see it grow into a profitable business.I believe in teamwork for success.”

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