Laurie Bonney

Program Manager

Laurie views innovation and creativity in value chains as mysterious processes that are not responsive to purely rational economic management approaches. He is intrigued by how successful value chains combine social and technical business factors involving trust, co-operation, power and politics, to create value by implementing innovations across organisational boundaries.

He has spent many decades managing and researching people and businesses in agriculture, education and training and has consulted to some of Australia’s largest corporations. Until recently he was the Director of the University of Tasmania’s ‘Pathways to Market’ Research Program applying sensing, telemetry and Internet of Thinks (IoT) to the challenges of the end-to-end management of Australian export supply chains.

Laurie also has a long history of commitment to social equity, fairness and sustainability in Australia and overseas and has led value chain development projects in smallholder food supply chains in Papua New Guinea, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Pakistan and Myanmar. Until recently he was involved at a strategic level in the university sector’s response to the Modern Slavery Act 2018. Laurie is now an Adjunct Associate Professor of Value Chain Innovation at the University of Tasmania’s Sense T big data unit and shares his experience and insights with companies and governments in Australia and overseas.

How does Laurie want to make a difference: “To use my deep understanding of innovation and creativity in value chains to help create innovative, ethical and sustainable agrifood businesses in Australia and overseas.”

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