Lester Bagom

Field Operations Assistant

Lester has been working across Papua New Guinea in a variety of agriculture roles. He started as an Assistant Instructure in rice production for the Organization for Industrial, Spiritual and Cultural Advancement (OISCA), whose focus is to build the capacity of people – especially young people – in environmental education, rural development, and conservation and rehabilitation of forests and marine resources.

From 2011 to 2013, Lester worked as a Section Supervisor at Farm Alstonia Ltd. He practiced and refined his animal husbandry skills in both pig and poultry management. Plus, he worked in vegetable production. In 2013 Lester joined Hilans Pik Ltd, as an Assistant Manager, a continued his focus on pig production and the development of local feed.

Lester’s agronomic skills are a very welcomed addition to Business for Development’s Papua New Guinan team.

​How does Lester want to make a difference? “To change the mindset of local people in the community to think positively about life and the way they are, through introducing sustainable agriculture programs that give them opportunities”.

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