Work Tour – South Africa

Meg is currently on tour in South Africa and travelling to Indaba to a mining site to talk about a sustainable economy, then heading on over to the Innovation and Research Battle Field (more here). Once done, Meg will be heading over to Botswana to look at economic opportunities for the community near a mining […]

Innovation & Research Battlefield

Introducing a new and exciting event on the Mining Indaba calendar in 2022 – the Innovation & Research Battlefield – a competitive 10-minute pitch platform for researchers, academia, students and organisations to present innovative sustainable development ideas to the mining industry. The pitches will happen at the Mining Indaba conference in Cape Town, South Africa […]

Partner Up. COP26 calls for action

Author: Meg Kauthen, Sustainability Designer COP26 reinforced the importance of partnerships to solve today’s climate challenges – collaboration between governments, businesses, private capital/philanthropy, researchers, and NGOs  to drive forward tangible, market-based solutions needed to meet the 1.5°C goals. There were many declarations made at COP26. One important announcement for South Africa is the provision of US$8.5bn to help end its […]

“Be Inspired Before You Expire” Pepe Minambo

Author: Meg Kauthen, Sustainability Designer Youthful populations offer a great opportunity for many countries as the entrepreneurial and innovative energy of young people can help revitalise and enhance local economies. This is particularly true in the agricultural sector, where new technologies and innovative farming practices have the potential to enhance the sector’s productivity and effectiveness. […]

From Pilot to Program – the Journey of Isidor

Author: Meg Kauthen, Sustainability Designer Agriculture runs deep inside Isidor’s veins. With both parents being smallholder farmers, he understands the struggles and joys of working the land to make a living. Isidor grew up in Feni Island off New Ireland Province, Papua New Guinea (PNG). Isidor shared his table with eight siblings, and despite some […]

How Agriculture hits the E in ESG for Mining

Author: Meg Kauthen, Sustainability Designer As investors, shareholders, and a broader group of stakeholders are increasingly taking environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors into consideration, miners are taking steps to integrate ESG into corporate strategies, decision-making, and stakeholder reporting. As indicated by EY’s Top 10 business risks and opportunities for mining and metals in 2022 report, there […]

AIM to ARM: Advocating for the transformative role of smallholder farmers at COP26

Author: Meg Kauthen, Sustainability Designer Launched today at COP26, the Agriculture Innovation Mission for Climate (AIM for Climate or #AIM4C) is a broad initiative to drive more rapid and transformative climate action in the agricultural sector, empowering agriculture to be part of the solution to address the climate crisis, build resilience to its impacts, and […]

Given the chance, girls can excel

Author: Meg Kauthen Chichie grew up far from any farm in Zimbabwe’s second largest city, Bulawayo. What drew her to be an agronomist was spending time at her grandfather’s rural homestead. Many holidays were spent running around in fields, watching her grandparents tend to their crops. As a successful renowned farmer in the village, Chichie’s […]

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