A Local Team for Local Impact

At Business for Development, we have always believed our programs are stronger if they are implemented by those who call the community they are working in home. They know the people and culture and have a stronger affinity for what works on the ground. We are very pleased to welcome three new team members:   […]

The Fruit of Community Labour

Author: Noel Kuman With COVID-19 hitting the shores of Papua New Guinea, an added level of complexity has been added to the Community Enterprise Program, where we are looking to develop a community owned piggery enterprise. Protecting the Hela community is at the heart of our program, so it was imperative that we proceeded with […]

Shifting Perspectives: Conversations with Field Agents in Kenya

Author: Saumu Mohamed and Hannah Costin   Most of Kenya’s population is young, and yet less and less see a future for themselves in agriculture. Kenya boasts one of Sub-Saharan Africa’s fastest growing economies, with the agriculture industry at its core. Deemed the backbone of Kenya’s economy, agriculture directly (26%) and indirectly (27%) contributes to just […]

The Case for Equitable Sustainable Food Systems

Author: Hannah Costin   Agricultural land per person has more than halved over the past sixty years… and we’ve likely passed ‘peak’ agriculture use. The UN’s Population and Development Commission recently met and called for urgent action, based on their dire assessment of our current food systems. Our current agricultural methods both drive environmental destruction […]

The Power Of Youth

Author:Meg Kauthen, Sustainability Designer Kenya is a ‘young’ country, with a staggering 61% of its population being either children age 0 to 14 or youth age 15 to 24 (Worldmeters). Most of these young people live in rural areas, lack formal education and vocational skills. With Kenya facing rapid population growth – around 1 million […]

The Say-do-gap

Author: Eddy Chibu, Country Manager, Kenya I recently came across Melton Leadership perspective on the Say-Do-Gap theory, which evaluates the gap between what you SAY to your group of stakeholders and what you DO. The greater that gap, the less the trust, the less the trust, the longer it takes to achieve anything. In our […]

Shifting Mindsets – The Impact Of A Confident Farmer

Author: Thomas Ngotho, Senior Program Manager, Crops and Agronomy In conversation with Regina Ndulu Kwale Agribusiness Program Smallholder Farmer and Thomas Ngotho, Senior Program Manager, Crops and Agronomy As Business for Development’s Senior Program Manager in Crops and Agronomy, Thomas approaches a field where he is watching Regina, a smallholder farmer, working her plot of […]

The Power Of Cross Sector Partnerships

Author: Meg Kauthen, Sustainability Manager Cross-sector partnerships enable businesses, government, philanthropy/private capital, academia/health/research, and Non-Government Organisations (NGO), to work together to address entrenched issues such as poverty, health, and climate change. By combining funding, assets, and expertise, partnerships are capable of generating greater impact than going it alone. In today’s world, especially with the impact […]

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