Kwale Agribusiness Program

Program Details Products: Cotton, grain, pulses, and livestock including stock feed Program Phase: Scale Program Partners: Base Titanium, Cotton On Group, and Kwale County Government Background Kwale Agribusiness Program (KAP) has been developed by Business for Development since 2014. The program’s goal is to elevate smallholder farming communities from subsistence farming to more commercially-oriented, and […]

Community Enterprise Program

PROGRAM DETAILS Products: Pigs and pig feed Program Phase: Implement Program Partners: Oil Search Ltd, Kumul Petroleum Holdings, Landowner Companies: Trans Wonderland Ltd, Gigira Development Corporation, Mananda Umbrella Joint Venture and PNG Mining, Petroleum Hospitality Services and Hides Gas Development Company Ltd. THE CHALLENGE While more than 80% of PNG’s population are engaged in subsistence […]

Mpumalanga Winter Wheat Pilot

PROGRAM DETAILS Product: Winter Wheat Program Phase: Pilot Program Partners: Glencore, International Council of Mining and Metals, The Impact Catalyst, and the Mine Water Coordinating Body THE CHALLENGE Mpumalanga is at the centre of power generation in South Africa, providing more than 80% of South Africa’s coal resources. After mining and quarrying – which accounts […]

TGI Co-operative Cocoa Program

PROGRAM DETAILS Product: Cocoa Program Phase: Pilot Program Partners: St Barbara Ltd, Simberi Mine Services Ltd THE CHALLENGE Picturesque and isolated, the Tabar Group of Islands (TGI) in New Ireland, PNG, are home to the Simberi Gold Mine, operated by St Barbara since 2012. The mine has brought a significant increase in economic opportunities for […]

Pulses Market & Opportunity Analysis

PROGRAM DETAILS Product: Pulses Program Phase: Research Program Partners: Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) THE CHALLENGE Myanmar’s pulse sector is vulnerable to market fluctuations, given its heavy reliance on India and China as trade partners. Currently, 70% of Myanmar’s exports, by volume, of the ‘big four’ pulse types (black gram, green gram, chickpea, […]

Traceable Cashmere Research

PROGRAM DETAILS Product: Cashmere Program Phase: Research ProgramPartners: Rio Tinto, Stuart Anstee & Consultants Year Completed: 2020 THE CHALLENGE Implementing a traceability system was key to working towards market credibility for cashmere produced under the South Gobi Cashmere (SGC) Project, helping SGC differentiate cashmere produced by its herders and attract customers, creating greater financial resilience […]

South Gobi Cashmere Program

PROGRAM DETAILS Product: Cashmere Program Phase: Research Program Partners: Oyu Tolgoi, Kering, Wildlife Conservation Society Year Completed: 2020 THE CHALLENGE Over the past 20 years, the number of goats in Mongolia has increased fourfold, driven predominantly by market demand as the fibre has become more accessible to a growing middle class. This increase in demand, coupled with […]

Private Sector Agribusiness Landscape Analysis

PROGRAM DETAILS Product: Rice and Pulses Program Phase: Research ProgramPartners: Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR). Year Completed: 2019 THE CHALLENGE Myanmar is one of the fastest growing economies in Asia. Agriculture is a core driver of Myanmar’s economy, contributing approximately 35% to GDP and employing 70% of the country’s labour force. As agriculture is the […]

Morobe Coffee Program

PROGRAM DETAILS Product: Coffee Program Phase: Field Trials ProgramPartners: Harmony Gold, Outspan PNG, Coffee Industry Corporation Year Completed: 2019 THE CHALLENGE Harmony Gold’s Hidden Valley mine, situated in Morobe Province, PNG, will close in the coming years. With about 2,100 people either directly or indirectly employed by the mine, most from the region, the economic impact […]

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