Golden Futures for Agriculture Pilot


Didipio, The Philippines


Product: Coffee
Program Phase: Field Trials
ProgramPartners: OceanaGold, Agriculture Departments of Kasibu and Nueva Vizcaya
Year Completed: 2019


Farmers living in the Kasibu municipality of the Philippines are among the lowest paid workers of the region, with an average monthly wage of AU$100. Small land ownership (0.5 to 1 ha) limits income earning potential and there is a high dependence on dry months to grow and sell food – usually six months of the year.


The program involved establishing a community-owned coffee production enterprise, to generate income earning opportunities and ensure food security for the community.

A coffee field trial was completed by Business for Development involving 95 smallholder farmers. Activities included providing farmers with access to quality seedlings and fertiliser, as well as training and extension support.


  • The program triggered the foundation for a long-term sustainable coffee industry in the Kasibu municipality.
  • Provided the farmer’s opportunity in crop diversification that was linked to a strong external market and income opportunity.
  • Provided a point of focus for the region in gaining external and government support, which is aligned with the National Development Goals of the Philippines.
  • Provided OceanaGold with a tangible impact in agricultural development in the Kasibu region.

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