Saumu Mohamed

Administrator and Business Analyst

Saumu is the backbone of Business for Development’s Kenyan team. Not only does she support all aspects of administration andmanage requirements at a project level, but she also uses her strong interpersonal and communication skills to be the business analyst in the application of new technologies for the Kenyan team.

Applying technology in-country is key to ensuring all Business for Development projects achieve effective outcomes. Saumu’s strong motivation and adaptability is key to the deployment of these new approaches.

​Saumu plays a pivotal role in connecting and motivating staff, farmers, NGOs, local governments and the private sector to work together to achieve strong, sustainable impact.

How does Saumu want to make a difference?“My desire is to be an agent of change for the organisations I work with. I want to learn, grow professionally, continuously attain success, become a better person and be able to give back to society.”

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