Stuart Anstee

Stuart is internationally recognised as a leader in private sector conservation. Beginning his career as a zoologist, Stuart shifted his focus to biodiversity and land management, going on to work for almost 20 years in the extractives industry. During this time, Stuart led the development and implementation of Rio Tinto’s Net Positive Impact on Biodiversity […]

Dr Ross Cutler

Ross is a fourth-generation horticulturist and has always wanted to work in agriculture. He has spent over 40 years undertaking veterinary work with businesses, institutions, universities, farms, the UN and governments around the world in livestock matters mostly related to pigs. As a consultant, Ross schedules his veterinary business around work in developing countries including […]

Laizia Garcia

Laiza is passionate about inspiring the corporate sector to embrace responsible business as part of their core strategy and purpose and then creating cross-sector partnerships for international development. Her experience includes the design of Economic, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategies, managing strategy implementation, and negotiations and related stakeholder relations required to achieve an organisation’s core objectives. […]

Isaac Jeffries

Isaac specialises in designing and building sustainable businesses. He has previously worked in strategy at ANZ, finance at Servants Community Housing and advising social enterprises at The Difference Incubator. Isaac helps inclusive businesses and not-for-profits transform their business models, allowing them to grow, scale and operate sustainably. Over the last seven years, he has become […]

Richard Rogers

As the Founder and Managing Director of Rogers MacJohn, Richard helps companies move beyond traditional CSR to become primary agents for delivering societal and shareholder value. He leverages insight and experience from over 20 years in industry, management consulting and philanthropy at industry-leading organisations. Business for Development and Rogers MacJohn have formed a unique partnership where […]

Brad Rudduck

With a background in engineering and IT, for more than two decades, Brad has worked across a wide range of sectorsfrom telecommunicationstofinance and insurance, and with organisationsranging fromstart-ups and SMEs to large corporates. Brad’s experience and strengths lie in hisability to break down large complex problemsand find solutions that meet each unique situational constraint. His […]

Pete Swan

In a career spanning over three decades, Pete has been CEO, strategy director, sales and marketing director, management consultant, and project manager. A passionate advisor and entrepreneur, he has founded, run, merged, bought, and sold businesses. For over 20 years Pete was the Strategy Director and Co-Founder of the PM-Partners Group, project delivery and advisory […]

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